August 17, 2018 Meeting Info

The 2018 Salmon Season Update
Golden Gate Salmon Association
Board of Directors Member
Vance Staplin, Guest Speaker


The Rooster Tails membership and the greater fishing community has kicked-off what hopefully will be a banner salmon fishing season which opened to Central Valley rivers on July 16th.  However, there is some consternation as to mixed messages found in various fishing media on the potential salmon migration runs.  There are very few resources that have a comprehensive perspective of what we can expect… or better still, predict of the number of salmon that will enter our local waters.  Rooster Tail Members and non-member guests are invited to hear a special presentation by Vance Staplin at their August 17th breakfast meeting.  Vance will provide breakfast meeting attendees with an insight of what to expect.  Vance is well known by the recreational as well as by commercial fishermen as an expert on salmon.  He is sits on the Board of Directors for the Golden Gate Salmon Association (GGSA) and owns Vance’s Tackle Manufacturing.  Vance has been a professional fishing guide for twenty years spending many years on the water fishing for King Salmon on the upper Sacramento River.  As a native northern Californian born to outdoor enthusiast parents, he spent his early years sharing in fishing hunting.

Vance was recruited by John McManus, President of the GGSA, to contribute his expertise as a Board of Directors Member.  Although Vance no longer is a fishing guide, he regularly fishes for salmon and is in regular contact with the salmon fishing community via the many resources of the GGSA.  For those unfamiliar with the GGSA, their mission is to protect and restore California’s largest salmon producing habitat comprised of the Central Valley rivers that feed both the Bay-Delta ecosystem and the communities that rely on salmon as a long-term, sustainable commercial, recreational and cultural resource.      

Here are some recent GGSA Accomplishments:

• After GGSA urging, State agrees in April 2018 to pulse flow on Feather River to help baby spring run salmon make their way to the ocean
• Proposal to raise Shasta Dam, robbing more water needed by salmon, stopped in Congress after GGSA action
• GGSA and others file suit to stop proposal to build two gigantic Delta diversion intakes and tunnels to siphon off Sacramento River water needed by salmon.
• GGSA mounts public education effort spotlighting harm to salmon if the Sites Reservoir and dams are built as currently proposed in the Sacramento Valley.
• GGSA gets state legislators to successfully push CA Dept. of Water Resources to drop opposition and support restoration of a key piece of salmon rearing habitat in the Feather River.
• GGSA action helps steer $20 million in federal salmon restoration funds to projects aimed primarily at habitat restoration for Central Valley salmon runs.
• GGSA and allies win state approval for new flood control strategy that reduces flood threats while creating more salmon habitat.
• GGSA part of successful effort blocking increased pumping from the Delta by federal government.
• GGSA successfully prods State to advance work to open Yolo Bypass, one of the last great places in the Central Valley for salmon rearing.
• GGSA played key role in winning passage of State Legislature resolution making salmon restoration a high priority for all state agencies.
• GGSA continues to insure a voice for salmon in the press and public debate.
• Californians had a 2017 fishing season, in large part thanks to GGSA-inspired extra trucking of hatchery fish at height of 2015 drought.
• GGSA led the successful effort to get the CA Dept. of Water Resources to pay for tagging Feather River hatchery salmon.



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