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The Rooster Tails Fishing Club invites all interested fishing men and women to learn about a new approach to catching trophy fish using custom US made, hand-poured swim-baits at their June 15th breakfast meeting.  This will be a unique seminar to hear their special guest speaker, Michael Lavoie, owner of Branson Baits.  Michael’s seminar will be on how to use custom baits incorporating electronics as a weapon to finding, marking, and target vulnerable big fish in salt and freshwater.  In addition, Michael will be bringing with him a factory technician from Lowrance Electronics to up-date RT member’s fishfinders/GPS units for free.  Members are encouraged to bring their Lowrance units early to the meeting.  You don’t want to miss this special presentation if you are interested in scoring a wall-hanger fish.

Live bait has long been a fixture of the fishing scene.  Since the sport’s Dark Ages, countless fish have fallen for the inherent attraction of various earthly-born forage impaled on a hook.  However since fishing labs have toiled-away to find an alternative to live bait that mimics their size, features, swimming motion, color, and even the smell of to be better than what nature created.  Too often though, the bait was created in mind to catch the angler to buy it, rather than catching fish.  The result is that many lure and bait manufacturers put considerable emphasis on packaging, displays, and promotion rather than proof that their product actually catches fish.

The Rooster Tails are proud to have Michael at their meeting, his entrepreneurship as the founder of his custom bait business is more than just a lure manufacturer.  He is also a successful tournament fisherman and winner of multiple fishing tournaments and has personally field tested his products.  Michael meticulously compiled data on the positive attributes of hundreds of swim baits and incorporated them into one design.  It took him over a year to come up with a finished mold that was used to make a hand-poured super-bait that repetitively caught fish.  Not just any fish, but trophy size, toothy, monster fish!  His baits are now in demand by Pro Tournament Anglers as well as by fishing guides in the know.  Branson baits have proven results specializing in saltwater and freshwater fish including halibut, striped bass, ling cod, rock cod, Cabazon, largemouth bass, and other large predator fish species.

As a pro angler Michael is also is rapidly accumulating endorsements from major industry names such as Lowrance Electronics, EGO Adventure Products, Daiwa, Lews boats, US Hobie Kayaks, fishing team member and a brand ambassador for Scotty Downriggers.

You can find out more about Branson Baits at www.bransonbaits.com




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