President's Message - 01/25/22

Fellow Rooster Tails,

The Board of Directors (BOD) met January 17th. While Covid 19 continues to be our major concern, a tentative breakfast meeting on April 15th is in the works. Mark your calendars and pay those taxes accordingly. If there is no relief of the virus, we will again announce a further delay.

Breakfast pricing may see an increase above the $15/person we have enjoyed in the past. Negotiations with the Elks Lodge are ongoing. All moneys collected from the RTFC breakfast go to support the lodge.

The clubs financial standing has suffered with lack of income and continued accountability for RTFC insurance, web site maintenance etc…. Membership dues and raffle sales are the sole source of income. The BOD has decided to raise membership dues to $50 for individual and $60 for family membership starting on the first month the club restarts normal operations. Dues will run, if as currently planned, April 2022 - April 2023. If delayed starting, May 2022 - May 2023 etc…. Membership will require the “Release and Waiver and Assumption of Risk Agreement” to be signed and dated. No exceptions. Your 2020 name tags will be renewed after a final membership listing for 2022.

The Jackpot fishing contest will run from January 2022 - November 30, 2022 with a $20 entry fee. As before, no fish allowed entry until two weeks after the dated check is received. Checks to be mailed to:
Rooster Tails Fishing Club
P. O. Box 7441
Auburn, CA 95604

The Grand Slam Fishing Challenge has been terminated due to lack of interest. No winner was declared through 2021. Entry fees will be returned to the few entrants.
A “For Sale” table will be a new venue at the breakfast meetings. Individuals will be responsible for monitoring items displayed. The RTFC will not profit from these sales.

Ocean trip planning will be delayed until the May - June time frame. Expenses have gone up due to fuel prices and bait availability. For the club to charter a boat, fees have gone from $2800 to $3500. The days of $120-140 are no longer. Currently $250/person is the norm for ocean fishing.

A fresh water tournament is a possibility in May. More later as the waters rise. We would like to renew the “Wolf Pack” type outing at Folsom Lake March 23rd. This is a non sponsored event with no entry fee or prizes, just met and greet old friends and fish.

We still need member support on the BOD. Please consider helping us make Rooster Tails the best club around.
The newsletter needs your fishing stories. Share your experiences with us all. Include JPEG photos.

A final note of sad news via Heinz Klose from Dec 28th, Jim Curtis, a past member of our fishing club who moved back to Washington a few years
ago, passed away this afternoon after a long fight with Covid.”

As always, please stay safe and healthy,






More Benefits Our Members Enjoy

Monthly $15 wide-selection buffet Breakfast Meetings for Members & and
       non-member Guests.

Breakfast meetings include a 30 minute seminar by expert fishing guest

Members-Only fun fishing outings with cash & other prizes.
Members-Only Jackpot & Grand Slam fishing contests.
Members free Informative Monthly Newsletter & Current Website Info.
Adventure Travel Camping & Fishing Outings.
Members & invited guests Annual Holiday Banquet & party.
Member Group Purchase Discounts on fishing gear & guided fishing.
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