I want to start this report with a sincere thank you to the Rooster Tails Fishing Club for their continued support during a challenging time for the Will Fish Tackle family. The decision to close our retail outlet was a difficult one. We appreciate the support the RTFC has shown us over the past six years and the continued well wishes in our upcoming endeavors. This means the world to us and we will always hold your well wishes close to our hearts.

 Enough of that... let's talk fishing! 

With winter in full swing, water conditions are very fluid, pun intended. Storm runoff will be an important factor to consider as you get out on the water in the near future.

BULLARDS BAR: For those who are making the effort, Kokanee are cooperating. Fish are in the typical spots with no large concentrations. This time of year it is not uncommon to catch fish from the surface down to 60' on the downriggers. Cycle through the colors and depths until you find a pattern that works. I always start with pink and orange there then start the progression through the colors and depths if the go-to presentations aren't producing.

CAMANCHE: The lake continues to fish well for the planted rainbows there. Cooler water dictates a slower presentation with naked grubs in pearl, chartreuse, and firetiger working. Jointed Rapalas in hot steel and brook trout patterns are working as well. Crappie are just around the corner at Camanche and can be a lot of fun. (Pictured is the authors daughter with a nice Black Crappie from Camanche).

ENGLEBRIGHT: Some very nice rainbows have hit the bottom of the net recently. Slow trolling dodger/nightcrawler combinations and J7 Rapalas are doing the job there. Fish the top to 25' for the best results. If you have some side planners, don't hesitate to give those a go.

FOLSOM LAKE: The last few weeks have been productive by Folsom standards. Lots of Kings have been landed in the 13-16" class. A good sign for things to come. A few nice hold over rainbows have made it over the rail as well. Slow trolling glow dodgers and GVF Pina Colada spin bugs tiped with a chunk of anchovy has been the top producer. Pearl hoochies behind the same dodger has also been working. Depths range from 25-60' on the downriggers with most fish coming in the 30-40' range.

FOOTHILL LAKES: Amador and Collins have been producing decent planter rainbow action. Like everywhere else, water conditions will be critical with the recent and forecasted storms. Slow presentation like those described for Camanche will work here. Bait fishing might be the way to go if water clarity is hampered by storm runoff. Pardee is set to open soon and it often fishes well the first few weeks so keep that spot in mind.

DELTA STRIPPERS: Bait fishing is the best bet to get a few stripers in the delta now days. With high water from reservoir releases and storm runoff the delta is going to be tricky for a while. Cut bait like sardines, butterflied whole shad and anchovies will be the best offerings once the system settles back into a more stable pattern.

PYRAMID LAKE: Winter fishing at Pyramid is all about the conditions. Getting over the summit with a boat in tow can be the biggest hurdle to success this time of year. When conditions are good, the fishing has been good to great. This is the time to slow things down and try your big Flatfish and Maglips. Fish are in shallower water and closer to the surface.