Many of our local lake have benefited from the runoff from the snows in early December. Folsom and Oroville came up substantially and are accessible from many ramps. The Delta continues to be great for Sturgeon and the striper bait bite has picked up in the last week.

FOLSOM LAKE: Some Kings are being caught slow trolling dodger/hoochie combos. Pearl hoochies tipped with a chunk of anchovy at 25' is the ticket. The lake is above the 5 mph speed limit level and all ramps except Rattlesnake Bar are open.

OROVILLE LAKE:  Most ramps are open for launching. Some reports of Kings being caught on the slow troll of dodger/hoochie combos. Bass fishermen are doing well on spots with 30 fish days on tap. The Oroville Dam afterbay continues to produce some monster rainbows for those willing to put in the effort.

ENGLEBRIGHT: The water quality is good and fishing for hold over rainbows is a good option.  Dodger worm combos has been the go to.

DELTA: Striped Bass fishing has been slow with bait fishing producing better than trolling. The bait bite picked up this week with fish up to 10lbs being landed. Shad and sardines are the bait of choice. Sturgeon Fishing has slowed over the last few weeks.

SACRAMENTO METRO: Some stripers have been caught in the Verona area the last week. Low water temps have made it a bait bite.

PYRAMID LAKE: By all reports the lake continues to produce lots of fish and great quality. South end of the lake has been the most productive for larger fish. Many fish over 10 pounds and fish over 15 pounds are not uncommon. Trolling smaller spoons has been the trick the last few weeks. If you are looking to experience one of the best fisheries in the country, Pyramid Lake is the place to go.

COLLINS LAKE: The lake has been planted with trophy rainbows and the fishing has been so-so to good lately. Trolling has not been as productive as bait fishing has due to the water quality.

BULLARDS BAR: The lake has come up a bunch but still has a ways to go to make the walk at dark day a little more doable. The ramp at the dam is open and that make for an easier walk. Kokanee are being caught in the top 15 feet and 35-55 feet down. Simple presentations of pink and orange dodger/hoochie combos is doing the trick. Limits are the rule for those who find the fish.

AMERICAN RIVER: Flow are up in the lower AR making it a little easier to score on the ever elusive steelhead that have entered the system. Bank anglers are doing well with spinners and drifting bait. Back-trolling plugs behind a drift boat can produce for those who know the slots to fish. It is definitely worth a trip.